Christina Maria DeFranco


Most people will tell you I’m an old soul, and I couldn’t agree more. I am young and ambitious, but my soul is centred and grounded.

Since embarking on my healing journey in 2016, I have only unlocked even more wisdom and teachings that are within me, all while connecting it to the current studies I am pursuing.

My current qualification include:

  • Bachelor of Psychology Degree from York University

  • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga Psychology Specialization

  • Pre- and post-natal certified

  • Reiki Level II Practitioner

I am currently working towards completing my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and I am sharing the knowledge I gain through my studies on my blog.


Breaking down the brand:

The symbol above is something I created that holds a multitude of meanings to me and I’m excited to share it with you.

  1. The Arrow: I chose an arrow because in yoga there are so many different yoga poses and your arms go in different directions within each pose. This represents the idea that we can point ourselves in any direction. There are so many paths available to us if we choose to explore them, and we always have the choice to change our path.

  2. The Arrow Head: The arrow head is half dark and half light to help visualize balance. I also like to refer to it as the duality of energy, the yin and yang, the good and the bad.

  3. The two circles: I wanted to incorporate circles because they represent reciprocity and that things always end up coming full circle. The reason there are two circles overlapping is to illustrate interconnectedness and how everything affects something else.

  4. The two lines: There are two lines of different lengths to highlight growth, and how we can always continue to expand.

  5. The four dots: The four dots have two meanings for me. The personal meaning is that there is a dot for each one of my immediate family members (my sister, father, mother, and me). The second meaning is that there is a dot for each of the pillars of the Blissful Balance Method; mindset, movement, meditation, and holistic medicine.

  6. The three end arrows: The three end arrows represent my lucky number ‘3’ as I was born on December 3rd.